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Negative Tensions Quilt
Title: "Negative Tensions"

Year Completed: 2009

Quilt Size: 15"w x 15"h

Quilt Description: Created with materials usually sent to the landfill in an effort to reduce my impact on the planet. It was very challenging working with some of these items; can't iron seams, stitching plastic bags can be tricky, etc. It is sometimes like learning to quilt all over again, but exciting to develop new techniques & try out new materials.

Materials: Cotton fabrics, plastic trash bags, embellished with film negatives, metal washers, beads, recycled leather from an old purse, yarn.

Techniques: Machine Pieced. Seams were pressed with wood iron (non-electric) whenever possible. All embellishments were attached by hand. No fusible adhesives, interfacings, or stabilizers were used in this quilt.

Exhibitions & Awards: Selected for Blurred Boundaries Exhibit at the Fabrications Retreat Kalamazoo, MI August 31st - Sept. 4th, 2009

Awarded 1st Place at CNY Art Guild Radisson Fine Art Show - October 2009

Close-Up Photo
negative tensions quilt closeup
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