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Avoid Printing Disasters; What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Birds & Quilts; List of Bird Quilt Patterns and Books***New***

Butterflies & Quilts; List of Butterfly Quilt Patterns and Books***New***

Cats & Quilts; List of Cat Quilt Patterns and Books***New***

Collaborative Art; Artists Working Together***New***

Creating a Quilt Registry

Creative Exercises for Artists

Dogs & Quilts; Huge List of Dog Quilt Patterns and Books***New***

Fish & Quilts; List of Fish Quilt Patterns and Books***New***

Galleries Around Syracuse, NY***New***

Help for New Quilters

Helping Others Using Your Creative Skills
***Over 150 organizations worldwide that need handcrafted items to help babies, people, & animals in need; sew, knit, crochet, quilt & other crafts.

Holocaust Museum Butterfly Project ***New***

Horses & Quilts; List of Horse Quilt Patterns and Books***New***

Meet Bonnie: A New Quilter's Thoughts

Free Newsletters for Artists***New***

Preventing Burnout; Taking Care of Yourself

Recycled Materials for Quilts, Art, and Craft Projects

Resumes for Quilting Professionals

Skyrocketing Health Insurance Costs for Small Businesses

What Can You Do With 15 Minutes A Day?

Your Fabric Questions Answered

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