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Wedding Remembrance Quilt (19"h x 20"w)

"If I know what Love is, it is because of you" Hermann Hesse

Wedding Remembrance Quilt in Gold Wedding Remembrance Quilt in Silver
We have exciting news! "Wedding Remembrance Quilt" has just been released as a new quilt pattern. It was originally featured with limited instructions in a book by Stampington & Company, called "Somerset Wedding 2". But now this pattern offers complete step-by-step directions on how to make this wall hanging including 25 romantic marriage/love quotes for you to choose from in addition to the "If I know what Love is" quote shown in the sample quilts.

This versatile wall hanging can be made in any color scheme to celebrate an upcoming wedding or special anniversary event. Just think how sentimental it would be to incorporate fabric pieces from someone's wedding dress or old table linens. This project looks intricate but is actually very easy for quilters who have some basic quilting experience. It features a heart frame and photo of the special couple. Click here if you need more information on photo transfer methods. Fine attention to detail can be found in all the exquisite embellishments; intertwined gold or silver wedding bands, pearls added to yo-yo's, beads sewn onto the centers of the flowers, lace trim and "gold or silver heart ceramic buttons." Yet another option is to use the "Just Married" button set instead.

Wedding Remembrance Quilt Pattern
Price $8.00

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More about this pattern....
I chose this 1949 black and white photo of my parents wedding for this sentimental memory quilt because it represents the most romantic wedding picture to me. Ironically they had no money and a no frills wedding, spending their honeymoon at my grandparents rustic camp (complete with outhouse!) in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Even without the fancy wedding and glitz, theirs was a story book wedding and marriage of true love to me.

My mother wanted more than anything to be a wife and mother. Sadly she passed away from breast cancer when my sister and I were very young, but her spirit lives on in us. I would like to dedicate this quilt to my mother, Betty Tanner Nelson (1923-1967) and my dad, Bernard Nelson to thank them for all love they have shown me. The saying I chose for the wall hanging "If I know what Love is, it is because of you" by Hermann Hesse is not only something my parents felt for each other, but also what I feel about them.

In addition this quilt would not be possible without my stepmother, Verna Nelson who first got me interested in quilting back in 1982 and has been one of my strongest supporters throughout my career.

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