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Links for Quilters

Links Last Checked/Updated 6/28/16

http://fiberartinternational.com/ Exhibition of Contemporary Fiber Art
http://greendragonartist.com/taxes/how-to-do-your-taxes-as-an-artist/ Tax Information for Artists
http://lyrickinard.com/calls-for-entry/ Helpful Listing of Art Quilt Show Submission Deadlines and Information compiled by Lyric Kinard
http://nqaquilts.org/ National Quilt Association
http://qsds.com/ Quilt Surface Design Symposium
http://quilterhalloffame.com/ The Quilters Hall of Fame
http://quilting.about.com/ Quilting Resources, Patterns
http://reapasyousew.com/ Quilter Chris Boersma Smith, Reap as You Sew; Sowing Holy Boldness into the Art of Life
http://xroads.virginia.edu/%7EUG97/quilt/table.html History of Southern Quilting
Links With Bird Related Quilt Patterns and Books
Links With Cat Related Quilt Patterns and Books
Links With Dog Related Quilt Patterns and Books
Links With Fish Related Quilt Patterns and Books
Links With Horse Related Quilt Patterns and Books
www.aidsquilt.org AIDS Memorial Quilt Project
www.allfiberarts.com/ All Fiber Arts Resources
www.allianceforamericanquilts.org Alliance for American Quilters
www.americanquilter.com/ American Quilter's Society
www.antiquequiltdating.com Antique Quilt Dating Resources
www.artquilters.com/ The Professional Art Quilt Alliance
www.baltimoreapplique.com Baltimore Applique Society
www.bellaonline.com/articles/art23676.asp Quilt Blocks of The States Series
www.blockcentral.com/calculators.shtml Free Quilting Calculators for Quilters
www.canadianquilter.com Canadian Quilter's Association
www.catswhoquilt.com Cats Who Quilt; Cat Stories, Patterns, Resources
www.christmascloth.com The Christmas Cloth Store is the only online store specializing in Christmas fabric, patterns, and kits for quilting, sewing, crafts and home decor.
www.contemporaryquiltart.com Contemporary QuiltArt Association
www.ctpub.com/quilt/ C&T Publishing; Quilt Tutorials, Patterns, Resources
www.dairybarn.org/quilt Quilt National
www.dharmatrading.com Fiber Art Supplies
www.fabricdepot.com Fabric and Quilt Supplies Including Wholesale
www.fabrics.net Fabric and Quilting Resources
www.floridaquiltnetwork.com The Florida Quilt Network; Newsletters, Shops, Guilds, Links, Gallery and more.
www.friendsoffiberart.org Friends of Fiber Art International
www.handcraftingwithlove.net/ Handcrafting With Love
www.healingquiltsinmedicine.org/ Healing Quilts in Medicine
www.historyofquilts.com Quilt History Articles
www.kansascitystarquilts.com/ Quilt Resources, Information on Kansas City Star Pattern
www.keepsakequilting.com Keepsake Quilting
www.lostquilt.com Post Lost or Stolen Quilts, Protection Tips
www.marbled-arts.com Hand Marbled Fabrics For Quilters and Fiber Artists
www.meinketoy.com Fiber Art and Tassel Making Supplies
www.mnquilt.org/ Minnesota Quilters
www.nequiltmuseum.org New England Quilt Museum
www.patternsfromhistory.com/ Patterns from History - Enjoy Free Quilt Patterns, History and Their Stories
www.kansascitystarquilts.com/ Quilt Resources, Information on Kansas City Star Pattern
www.planetpatchwork.com Planet Patchwork/ Quilting Resources
www.quilt.com/index.html World Wide Quilting Page
www.quilt.com/QuiltHistoryPage.html History of Quilting
www.quilt.net Quilting Links
www.quiltbug.com Quilt Shop in Esperance NY, Online Shop, Ideas & Tips, Traveling Quilt Bus
www.quilts.org International Quilt Association
www.quiltaholics.com Quilting Links
www.quiltart.com Contemporary Quilters; Challenges
www.quiltingboard.com Quilting Forum, Resources
www.quiltcamp.com Quilt Camp In the Pines, Annual Retreat for Quilters
www.quilters-calendar.com/ Quilter's Calendar; Connecting Quilters, Guilds and Teachers
www.quilterscache.com Lots of Pattern Directions for Traditional and Original Blocks
www.quiltersclubofamerica.com Quilters Club of America
www.quiltersmuse.com Articles and Links
www.quiltguilds.com Find a Local Quilt Guild, Plus Information on Establishing Quilt Guilds
www.quilthistory.com Quilt History, Dating Quilts, Care of Quilts
www.quiltindex.org The Quilt Index aims to be a central resource that incorporates a wide variety of sources and information on quilts, quiltmakers and quiltmaking.
www.quiltinformation.com Quilt Resources, Forums, Etc.
www.quiltmaker.com/index.html Quiltmaker
www.quiltmuseum.org Museum of the American Quilter's Society
www.quiltprofessionals.com Quilting Resources, Also Web Design/Hosting
www.quiltprofessionalsnetwork.com Network for Quilt Teachers, Designers, Judges
www.quilts.com Information on Major Industry Shows/Exhibits
www.quiltstudy.org International Quilt Study Center
www.quiltuniversity.com On-line Quilt Classes
www.quiltvisions.org Quilt Visions - Promotion of Quilt Art
www.saqa.com Studio Art Quilt Associates
www.sewing.org Resources, Event Schedules, Lessons
www.sjquiltmuseum.org/ San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
www.softexpressions.com/ Computer Quilting Made Easy at Soft Expressions. Discount pricing on 24+ quilting software titles and related products like Bubble Jet Set, paper piecing printer papers, computer quilting and quilting notions and books. Find comprehensive reviews, demos, FAQs, tutorials and more.
www.straw.com/quilting/articles/africamer.html African American Quilt Information
www.surfacedesign.org Surface Design Association- Textile Arts
www.swdecoratives.com Southwest Fabrics and Supplies
www.textilecentermn.org Textile Center; A National Center for Fiber Art
www.textileconservationworkshop.org Textile Conservation Workshop
www.textileevolution.com/ Textile Evolution Retreat
www.textilemuseum.org The Textile Museum: Information on Quilts Under "Care and Display" Area plus other Resources
www.theappliquesociety.org The Applique Society
www.TheCountrySpool.com The Country Spool, an online quilt shop specializing in country folk art fabrics, patterns, kits and supplies.
www.uniquespool.com Creative Fabrics for Quilting
www.victorianaquiltdesigns.com Quilt Labels, Message Board, Patterns, Resources
www.womenfolk.com Over 100 Textile and Womens History Articles

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