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International Fiber Collaborative

Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY
On Sunday, April 27th, 2008 we visited the abandoned gas station that Syracuse University graduate student, Jennifer Marsh has covered with 3,400 fabric panels for her International Fiber Collaborative Project. Jennifer started this initiative to bring together artists and the community in focusing attention on the world's dependency on oil. The panels were submitted from people around the world and many are constructed with recycled materials, including clothing, plastic bags, tea bag wrappers and beverage labels.
Seeing it on the news is nothing compared to seeing it in person. To actually walk around the building and admire the individual panels, plus all the work that went into this ambitious project was quite inspiring. And Jennifer was there cleaning up after a rain storm from the previous day. She graciously took time to talk to us and answer all our questions (the same questions which I'm sure that lots of people have asked her over and over!) Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY
Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY The gas station is located at the corner of East Colvin Street and Nottingham Road in Syracuse, NY. This project comes at a time when gas prices are at an all time high, so hopefully this will encourage discussion and a search for solutions to this critical problem.
A public reception was held May 3rd, 2008 from 5-8pm. Food by Conella's BBQ, plus musical guests Hanna Richardson and Phil Flanigan performed.

The installation remained until July and then was taken down. Jennifer moved to Alabama and continues the International Fiber Collaborative Project. She is hoping to reuse as many of the panels as possible if they hold up. We wish Jennifer much success on her journey!

Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY
For more information, please visit:
International Fiber Collaborative Project
Interview with Jennifer on Green Options by Victoria Everman
A close-up look at the panel contributed by Artist Virginia A. Spiegel

For more information on recycled art that includes a large resource area with a listing of Material Exchange Networks, please visit the Recycled Materials Article.

Below are some detail photos of a few of the panels:

Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY
Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY
Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY Covered Gas Station, Syracuse, NY

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